Unworthy Gift

Unworthy Gift

I brought you my gift
And I trembled when I gave it to you
And you said it was beautiful.

You saw me tremble
And asked why,
But I could not answer
Because you left me speechless and staring.

But even when I tried to open my mouth
No sound would come forth
Because you looked at me
Like no one else ever has.

And I knew that my gift was not worthy
And I tried to take it back
But your smile held my hand
And it would not move.

You said it was the best gift
The most priceless
The one worth all the pain.

And I looked at you,
And you looked at me,
Knowing all that I had done
Yet you still held my gift.

My weakness faded in the light of your strength
And I trembled when you took my hand
And you said I was beautiful.

2 Responses to “Unworthy Gift”

  1. 1 Britt Puthoff

    Totally made me bawl.

  2. dude!its seriously good to read it.the poem rocks

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